I am Rebecca D’Andrea a dancer and choreographer approaching creativity as a means of knowledge.
I believe that through finding ways of creating ‘something’ , we actually find ways to get to know the world.
Dance especially, for its role of enhancing the connection of body and mind, it creates that special alignment  that gives access to a deeper communication with the senses, therefore with the world.
As part of the Research Into The Unknown Residency Programme with the Workshop Foundation in Budapest I have been offered the possibility to research about the theme of ‘The Void’ in improvisation for a period of two months in collaboration with an Hungarian musician, making a final performance at  MU Theatre on the 13th of December 2011 and other sharings during the process.
This Blog wants to be a documentation of my experience and an open dialogue about the process of researching improvisation,looking at how it can be explored in performance, how to train for it, and what happens on a regular base.

My research idea  starts from the concept of ‘void’.
In quantum physics the void, the empty space, doesn’t really exists because it is continuously filled with microscopical energetic fluctuations from which matter is created.
So matter and energy are generated in the void continuously and in a spontaneous way and as long as they are quick enough not to be perceived, in their process of creation and destruction, we can perceive the void.
Therefore, the void has a very fast activity within it.
Having a close look at it, it would appear like a stormy sea, where phenomena are constantly happening in a  chaotic way .

The quality of these phenomena is infinite and eternal, going beyond the law of time, being at the same time everything that exists and that will potentially exist.
As a creator I am curious to explore the void in performance and as a performative tool.

What happens if the starting point for my improvisation it’s the void itself?

How do I break from total stillness?How do I enter emptiness, and what happens than?
Truly, this is impossible. In practice it is what it seems to be happening every time.
How do explore this gap?

I will collaborate with a sound artist exploring the same  theme.


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  1. Research into the unknown

    21st of November 14:30-17:00

    We start with lying on the floor. We concentrate on our breathing. Belly button is the centre of this movement and breathing grows from there forming bigger and bigger circles in every direction, also up and into the ground. ← interesting image stayed: I see myself like the ground is a mirror and there is an other me lying back to back to me and the breathing circle grows also from that body towards the centre of the Earth.

    We sit up – Eyes closed!

    Then we continue on the to feet, letting the upper body hang on the structure of the streight legs. Coming front with the head till the upper body is paralell with the floor and releasing.

    – Eyes colsed!

    We roll up concentrate on the feet. Making circles by shifting the weight of the body.
    Then coming to the center we start circles with the hand initiating the movement:
    -from the thumb – front
    -from the little finger, -back
    -from the shoulder blade -front what is the difference
    -from the sternum -back

    We step away from our place, searching the space around us -eyes still closed!

    An important question for me: Is there any difference in going from or back with eyes closed?
    It is a very new feeling and sensation to be conscious in this. It is. But the I ask myself why? And it that moment I feel that my body is my “seeing” all of it. No hierarchy between front and back (side and side…), everything is equal.

    In this space searching I don’t know where I am. Imagination comes in so easily. In the “background”, the fear of the wall is there but I go on despite of it.

    Then slowly we let the light enter.

    Running. Wow, feels good, so good. I like the music and the feeling…? The 2 of us running, changing directions, rhythm, stopping and restarting.

    Jumps, shakings…

    On the floor again. Phrase. Letting in my own movement in the phrase.

    STOP and GO

    “Go” I still hear the sound of your voice in my head. I wait for this it, I know it will come. Even when the time between stop and go is very short or immediate (?), I wait for it in between the two.
    The feeling of waiting can be very quick and sudden.
    It is like a button what is pushed and I know that it started.
    The question is? When do I decide to move. The decision is made when you say “go”, I accepted the rules of the game.
    I like to surprise myself when I hear it. Or I just listen to what happens.
    Very strange duality is inside: you say go, something starts to run inside, but at the same time I am curious happens if I don’t run with it? Inside it is still running and at a point I can’t resist the temptation, and I move into the space, I move on with the feeling that I must move.
    But when? I think it depend on my concentration. When my at-tention becomes tired, I just drop myself. I don’t decide the movement and the direction, I just decide to let go.
    Then it happens the I remember my movements before and my startings and I am curious to try out something different that I did not experienced yet. In the movement also I try to find new ways, qualities, but often I find myself really in the same context, same quality and it feels little like in a prison.. How to find new way?
    “Stop”. I always run, hurry up to be back to “my place” when I hear this word. Why? Why do I have to go back immediately? It is like a reflex. It is much easier to give time to myself when it starts then when it ends. Quick, I have to go back to get ready to restart…

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